Posted by: Nick | April 14, 2009

The Late Seating: Poetry Edition @ Actor’s Theatre – 4/17

The Late Seating at Actors presents a variety of work by local artists including spoken word poets, visual artists, a video project, a radio play project and a tongue-in-cheek send off on teenage poetry.

April 17 at 10:30 p.m.
at Actors Theatre
Tickets: $10
(or $5 with Actors ticket stub)
Call 502-584-1205

Twas the night before Thunder when all through Luhvul,
The Late Seating was stirring, poets chock full;
The artists were selected with taste and with care:
Le Petomane with bad, angst poems sent on a dare,
InKy with three poets’ work to be read
(Nickole Brown, Mitchel L. H. Douglas and Erin Keane),
Marlo Brown with mad skills straight from her head,
And Lauren Argo’s new video project,
And Sean Daniel’s latest radio play project,
Visual art poems in a fresh new crop
(Philip Allgeier, Anessa Arehart, Dan Evans, Patrick Jilbert,
Joe Welsh, Brad White, Matt Dobson),
Whistle Peak rocks with folk electronic pop

More info online at
Be their Friend on The Late Seating MySpace
Be a Fan at The Late Seating on Facebook



  1. I have seen a recorded part of “The Late Seating” , I want to see full, Thanks.

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