Posted by: Nick | April 14, 2009

MMJ’s Celebracion De La Ciudad Natal 2×10″ Details

You already knew that MMJ is releasing a double 10″ with songs from their Waterfront Concert and in-store ear x-tacy show to promote Record Store Day.  Here are a few more details.  The release will include seven tracks:

  1. Evil Urges
  2. Highly Suspicious
  3. Gideon
  4. Where To Begin
  5. Librarian
  6. Phone Went West
  7. Dondante

It is availabe for pre-order at Aural Exploits for $18.45 + $4 shipping and handling.  It will also include the CD (so you can take it in your car or import it to your iTunes).  Not sure what the price will be at ear x-tacy, but it has to be better than that.  If you are from out-of-town, then at least you have an option.  Otherwise, I would come to the Listening Party on Friday night from 10-midnight or pick it up on Record Store Day on Saturday.  Should be a good listen.  Not sure if it will be worth $20 bucks.


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