Posted by: Cory | April 13, 2009

Jenny Lewis w/ Heartless Bastards @ Headliners – 7/6

OK, so presumably the hometown backing duo we all know and love who helped to make Jenny Lewis a name we all know as a mostly solo artist above and beyond Rilo Kiley and Postal Service won’t be there, but the beautiful songstress who brought us lines like “…and Mom is combing her hair, and Dad starts growing out Bob Dylan’s beard, and I share with my friends a couple of beers…” is coming to Louisville’s Headliners on Mon, July 6th with Dayton-based Heartless Bastards who have themselves been making waves recently in the regional indie scene. Jenny Lewis’ infects (in a great way) virtually every corner of the burgeoning “indie” scene and is, by that very nature, a product of the collective environment which she has had the opportunity to create. That, and like virtually every other pop artist these days, I feel almost certain I can say she has been on Grey’s Anatomy which means that the teenagers will love her too (note, I feel certain enough that I can say that without either 1) looking it up, or 2) having seen or heard about the episode). That said, I’m writing this from a bus currently headed from DC to NYC, and as such I am going to miss the show greatly to my disappointment because I think that Jenny Lewis is an amazing musician and I wish I could catch this one.

The show starts at 8pm (doors 7pm) & costs $18 (adv), or $20 at the door. Also, wisely, and as you might expect, this one is All Ages, which means get there EARLY if you want to see Heartless Bastards.

Jenny Lewis- Acid Tongue

Heartless Bastards – The Mountain


  1. One second of goggling reveals that Rilo Kiley’s Portions for Foxes was on Grey’s Anatomy in ’05.

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