Posted by: Nick | April 7, 2009

NIN w/ Jane’s Addiction & Street Sweeper @ Verizon Center (Indy)- 5/30

The guys at Underground Sound came through again and gave me the heads-up for this amazing show at the Verizon Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Nine Inch Nails, Jane’s Addiction and Street Sweeper (Tom Morello & Boots Riley of The Coup) will be playing in Indy on May 30th.  The best part…you can use the “1991 Promotion” now and get tix for just under $20 bucks.  I’m not sure how long this will last, but I’ve grabbed two already.   Tix were actually just over $6 bucks, but after all the charges added up, it totalled at $19 and change.  I’ve seen NIN, The Coup and Rage, but this will  be a completely different experience.

Ironically, we are giving away a Jane’s Addiction record right now.  To enter the contest, go here.

You can download NINJA EP put out exclusively for this tour HERE for free.  It contains unreleased tracks from each group (Street Sweeper has an album due out this year).  Here is one of Street Sweeper’s tracks from the EP:

Street Sweeper- Clap for Killers


  1. Wait, you bought the cheapest lawns today? Huh. I thought those sold out on day one. There were supposed to be only 1,991 of the $6.66 ones (a reference to the first Lollapalooza, and then, uh, satan).

    Street Sweeper isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, I’ll check out their album when it comes out. This lineup has a more of a 90s nostalgia vibe to it than when he was getting Deerhunter or TV on the Radio to open, but it should be cool.

  2. I just checked again and the 1991 Promotion is still going on and tickets are still available. Click on the link in the post to buy.

  3. Weird. It’s grayed out for me, and it was yesterday too. Thanks for looking though.

    I got pit tickets in the presale a few weeks ago, but I know a few other people that would want to go it were cheap.

  4. You have to “Select Your Promotion” at the top of the page, then it becomes highlighted at the bottom.

    It still should work.

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