Posted by: Nick | April 7, 2009

Murder by Death “Red of Tooth and Claw” Red Vinyl Reissue

Murder by Death is based in Bloomington, Indiana, but have Kentucky ties.  They have played Louisville plenty and are a must see every time they come to town.  They are now reissuing Red of Tooth and Claw on red 180 gram vinyl!  It is pricey, but man it looks good.

From Vinyl Collective:

Murder By Death play a blend of rocking Americana noir and dramatic post-punk that erased old style and audience boundaries as much as it tested the limits of new ones. And with this album they are emerging as true artists in the zero-boundary sense: cinematic storytellers whose albums come together in an essential whole, and players whose jaw-dropping performances on record make you yearn for the chance to experience their energy up close and in person. Red of Tooth and Claw finds Murder By Death at the height of their powers.

Track Listing
1 1 Comin’ Home
2 Ball & Chain
3 Rumbrave
4 Fuego!
5 Theme (For Ennio Morricone)
6 A Second Opinion
7 Steal Away
8 Ash
9 The Black Spot
10 ’52 Ford
11 Spring Break 1899

Buy it here for 21 bucks.

Murder By DeathFuego
Murder By DeathRumbrave


  1. mp3 links don’t work.

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