Posted by: Cory | April 1, 2009

Bon Voyage – Cory moves to New York

…..So the time has come and I’m heading to NYC really really soon, and I’m having a little bon voyage party at our place (953-103 Baxter Ave) on Friday night around 9. Many of you I’ve met over the last year, some of you I’ve known for years, some of you read Backseat Sandbar, but that I’ve not yet gotten the chance to meet. Most all of you know that I am a lawyer and music blogger & now I’m going to be working at a music law firm in Manhattan doing exactly what it is I’m wanting to do with my life. Don’t worry..Backseat Sandbar will keep on….That said, if you’re interested in writing for BS, let us know…

This is an opportunity that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, but I am really going to miss everybody and really hope that you can make it to our place on Friday for drinks so I can see all of you before I go & meet those of you I’ve not yet gotten the chance to read. Come around 10ish or later….good music plus dranks plus (hopefully) lots of friendly people. Hope to see you soon….

Again, don’t worry…Backseat Sandbar will keep going strong.



  1. Congrats and good luck in NYC! :)

  2. WTF… no more man basktets?

    Good luck!!!

  3. Dang… Louisville and the music scene are really going to miss you, man. You have been an amazing asset to the city. Good luck! Keep in touch with the Ville!

  4. Good luck with the music biz lawyering – stay available for us rubes here in da Ville; always somebody looking for legal advice about music.

  5. You are a big asset to whatever town and scene you are in! I love the blog and are glad you are getting a chance to “live the dream”!

    Best of luck.

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