Posted by: Cory | March 26, 2009

Forecastle Preview: The Black Crowes

Recently prematurely attacked by Maxim for the release of their new album Warpaint after either a) illegally downloading the album from the Internet or b) reviewing an album without hearing it, and of Hard to Handle and She Talks to Angels fame, The Black Crowes are co-headlining Forecastle.  Rolling Stone’s review of 2008’s Warpaint read “the first third of the album reveals some of the best range and craft of the band’s career” and that even the rough patches are forgivable because “the band sounds damn good”.  I caught The Black Crowes back in 2001 in Nashville and they hadn’t lost a step from their Shake Your Moneymaker days.  If they’ve ever been to Louisville, I must have missed it…but let’s be honest, it’s been a long time since The Black Crowes have been worth listening to, and while you might leave them written off, you shouldn’t because it’s time to give them a second chance because with this album, they’re back and ready to start looking forward rather than back to the 90s.



  1. Um, the last time the Crowes were in Louisville some narco cops went backstage and started brawling with the crew. The band stormed off the stage at the Gardens after the first song and didn’t return. The Jayhawks opened for them that night.

  2. Do your reasearch: The Crowes played the palace in October of 2007 and Horseshoe in Elizabeth in July of 2008.

  3. good “reasearch”, chief

  4. The controversy was that Maxim “reviewed” it before anyone could have possibly heard it. It certainly hadn’t been leaked.

    Non-music magazines have been doing their album reviews this way for years, it’s just that no one had ever called them out on it before, because they’re usually positive reviews.

    The lead time is a couple months, so usually they just work with a track list and the album artwork, and write 200 words keeping it really vague, and saying stuff like it sounds like the band you love, only with a evolution in the sound. In this case, they didn’t even have a track list, so they just guessed that it would sound like the last couple Black Crowes albums, and wrote about that.

  5. Just to clarify, by “Non-music magazines” I mean lifestyle magazines, the record reviews in news magazines are real.

    The video game reviews in those magazines are also fake, they just rewrite the press releases. Read the review of Guitar Hero: Metallica in this month’s Blender (same publisher as Maxim) and you can see how they write a review without ever actually playing the game.

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