Posted by: Nick | March 20, 2009

Stark Bier Zeit @ The Nachbar – 3/21


Germany holds a festival bridging Winter and Spring during which folks huddle together in the bitter cold — teeth chattering — and keep warm by drinking strong beers. Because it’s what they call it, we’ll also call it StarkBierZeit. And we will be holding our inaugural version at the Nachbar on March 21.

We plan to have traditional German food, which will be necessary because none of the beers we plan to serve will be lower than 8% ABV. The beers are coming together, and we will let you know as soon as things are ironed out, but expect something exceptionally hoppy and delicious from Michigan and something viscous, black and sticky from Delaware.

Norm the Potter has been commissioned to create commemorative mugs for the event. The half-liter mugs will be heavy stoneware, each one uniquely salt-glazed. They will be as good for the beer we’ll pour into them as the coffee you’ll likely drink to nurse the hangover you’ll likely get from the beers you drink out of them. This is a vicious cycle, for which you should consider getting treatment.

Pre-order your mug NOW through Feb. 28 for $15 at the Nachbar. OR take your chances buying one on the 21st for $20. Unless the response is overwhelming, know that we plan to have Norm make only 50 of these mugs.

Although we refuse to keep these mugs at the bar, we will welcome you to bring yours back any time you visit. Whatever we pour into pint glasses, we will gladly pour into this mug at no additional cost to you.


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