Posted by: Nick | March 19, 2009

We Listen For You’s March Music Madness 2009 Starts Today: VOTE NOW

My brother runs We Listen For You out in L.A. and they are putting a twist on March Madness for the second year in a row.  See below for details, then go to WLFY and vote for which band you think should win each match-up.

Here we go. Starting a few hours before tip off because there is no way I’ll make it up before the first game out here on the west cost. Voting should be easy, just see below. I provided a picture for each band and since you can’t see the overall bracket, I encourage you to click open the full bracket and follow along with your voting.

(click for larger image)

The dates of the tourney go like this:

ROUND 1: 3/19
ROUND 2: 3/21 – 1AM ET
ROUND 3: 3/23 – 1AM ET
ROUND 4: 3/26 – 1AM ET
ROUND 5: 3/28 – 1AM ET
ROUND 6: 4/4/ – 1 AM ET
*As soon as one round ends, voting on the next begins automatically.

I think the program keeps it one vote per IP address…but if it doesn’t, let’s keep this thing clean…don’t be an idiot and vote 1,000 times for your favorite band…let the right ones win.

* After testing the program with my roomate, if you share an IP address, the window below only allows one vote per network. If you see that the window already says you voted…click VIEW RESULTS and it should allow you to vote there. Good to know it has some voting control.

VOTE HERE (at bottom of page)



  1. I love We Listen For You…Great Blog!

    – We Listen For You

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