Posted by: Nick | March 19, 2009

Backseat Sandbar Falls in Opening Round of VIT

Velocity is currently holding its annual Velocity Invitational Tournament where all things Louisville go head to head. Backseat Sandbar had a 14 seed and were pitted in the opening round against our friend Dodge at Indianapolis-based My Old Kentucky Blog.  We were defeated 60-40%.  Oh well.  Thanks a ton if you voted for us.  We would have been up against the Derby City Roller Girls in Round Two and we know they would kick our ass.  Interestingly, Will Oldam is currently loosing to Hotel Nightclub (61-39%).  I’m guessing the PartyCrasher photo hunters are voting in droves.

In an unrelated preference poll Velocity was defeated handily by The New York Times.

UPDATE:  Since this post, Oldham has surged to the lead and is in a nail-biter, 51-49%.  Good luck, Will.



  1. That is so lame. MKOB isn’t in Louisville. Velocity is about as plugged in as the C-J as far as what’s really going on. BSSB is a much better blog anyway, and not a PR mouthpiece.

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