Posted by: Cory | March 10, 2009

Review: Bouncing Souls @ ear X-tacy in-store – 3/10

Bouncing Souls are performing tonight at Skull Alley along with Dillinger 4 & Delay, but fortunately for us, they stopped in ear X-tacy for a little primer of an acoustic 7-song show before tonight’s main gig.  Well attended by the high school that had just let out a few minutes earlier, Bouncing Souls played a fun set of requests and were clearly not used to playing acoustic because they were really worried how many of the songs would translate.  I think everyone was pleasantly surprised.  Tonight should make for a great show with significantly more energy.



  • Quick Check Girl
  • Gasoline
  • Lean on Sheena
  • Kate is Great
  • Lamar Vannoy
  • The Ballad of Johnny X
  • Hybrid Moments (Misfits cover)

**More Photos**



  1. I agree, it was definitely a fun set and it was really cool to get to see those songs performed acoustic. Very nice.

    The electric set later that night was insanely good, too.

  2. you didnt happen to get a video of their hybrid moments cover, did you?

  3. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish i did….but I didn’t delete enough before the show, and my memory card filled up 15 seconds into the song…

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