Posted by: hankwillenbrink | March 5, 2009

BPB, Karate Body Make the Rounds

P4K reports today that in addition to Louisville’s own Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s upcoming album beware, the ex-Confederate General has other stuff coming out as well and puts in a nice plug for one of our fav. labels Karate Body Records.

Thus sayeth P4K, thus quoth us:

First up, Oldham has teamed up with Cheyenne Mize, the fiddle player for the Lousiville psych-folk band Arnett Hollow and a member of Oldham’s own touring band, to release an extremely limited 10″ vinyl EP called Among the Gold. The EP consists entirely of covers of songs originally recorded between 1873 and 1915. Karate Body Records will release it this spring, and the first pressing will be on cream-colored vinyl and limited to 500 copies, so it will probably not be around for long. Karate Body has streams of two songs from the record here. Another Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Cheyenne Mize track, “The Girl in Me”, appears on the Louisville Is for Lovers Vol. 9 compilation, out now on Karate Body.

As we previously reported, Oldham will also share a split 7″ with the Louisville post-hardcore band Young Widows. The split features the Widows’ “King of the Back-Burners” on one side and Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s “Poor Shelter” on the other. It’s the first in a series of splits that the Widows are doing; they’ve also got splits with Melt-Banana and Pelican coming out, and both of those bands have way more in common with Young Widows musically than Oldham does. Temporary Residence will ship the Widows/Oldham split on or around March 15.

So dig out your R. Kelly, pink crocs, and start going balder, it’s gonna be a big couple months here in the Derby City.


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