Posted by: Cory | March 4, 2009

Review: Anni Rossi @ The Green Building – 3/3

Anni Rossi‘s performance was strangely ideal for the Green Building space where she performed on Tuesday night.  Everytime I see this space, I think singer/songwriter, but seeing Anni perform I realized that what this space really needs is a musician whose performance is high art in and of itself.  Standing on a blue suitcase to create a DIY drumkit (and perhaps to give her a sense of being a little taller than she is), plucking strings and singing to a nice sized crowd in a voice that is as irregular as it is beautiful and unexpected.  I can see now why she is blowing up faster than she can count and why she’s performing with people like the Tings Tings and some other seriously major acts soon to be announced as well as being signed to the very impressive 4AD.  To top it off, she’s an awesome person with an almost ironic personality.  With a sound that’s high brow, she sings about some simply absurd things such as liking freezer boxes because they remind her of glaciers.

Anni is going to be playing several shows at SXSW, and I expect that by the time the weekend is over, she’s going to be on everyone’s high expectations list…an I have no doubt she’ll live up to it.



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