Posted by: Cory | March 2, 2009

REVIEW: Matt & Kim, Hollywood Holt @ Skull Alley – 2/28

Two very different types of artists made for a very packed Skull Alley on Saturday night.  It was a beautiful sight.  Matt & Kim & Hollywood Holt make for an unlikely pairing, the first an intense and wonderfully playful pop punk/dance duo, the second a straight forward emcee banging out incredible rhymes.

DJ Narwhal started off the night spinning the standard, and the 95% of the crowd which was under the age of 18 were simply loving it.  Then Hollywood Holt took to the stage and showed us all how hip hop is done.  At all times interactive, with DJ Sklyer mixing the beats behind him, his friend Conflict on the mic next to him (second performance with HH ever), Hollywood Holt showed what it means to have stage presence by constantly posing, jumping into the crowd.  The entire building was shaking with bodies smashing into one another everywhere.  I can’t help but wanting to think that song that most of the crowd would be familiar with, namely “Throw a Kit (on dat bitch)”, feels like a comment on modern day hip hop as it is one of the very few that has the standard one-liner that doesn’t really make too much sense and is simply repeated over and over throughout the song, though in truth it is more likely understanding that a simple song over sick beats makes for a fun song to dance to and has a better shot at getting on the radio.  I thought it was great when HH asked the crowd full of kids “How many of you are riding around on two wheels” and I raised my hands with a “yeah”, but “No” came booming from the crowd of kids clearly excited to finally be getting to drive.  HH forgets that we’re not the metropolis that Chicago is, so people actually like driving here.  It made for a great introduction to “Throw a Kit” nevertheless.  The set was fairly short (perhaps only 30 minutes), but was incredibly intense.  I was talking with Conflict after the show and I described the show as a really solid punch, where the energy and intensity is better spent at 100% and shorter (like one solid punch) than 90% for an hour.

Matt & Kim came on next around 10:30 and the girls all fawned over Matt and he played to it.  Matt & Kim’s stage presence reminded me of Man Man on stage with the way they spent time standing on top of things, jumping around like monkeys and having the time of their life.  They recently released “Grand” which supplied the visual effects on the dual screens at the back of the stage.  It’s virtually impossible to put a Matt & Kim show into words.  They played several songs from the new album and virtually no song lasted longer than two minutes in traditional punk style.  Favorites including “Yea Yeah” and “5K” graced the set.  At one point, Matt grabbed the support beams over his head, and rather than crowd surfing the Hollywood Holt way, walked across the supporting hands of the crowd to the middle of the room where he hung upside down, just before falling and practically breaking his neck.  Overall, the set was tons of fun and an unfortunate plenty missed the show as a result of its selling out.

we recommend watching the following video in High Quality (click the box in the lower right corner)



Hollywood Holt

Matt & Kim

Afterparty with Hollywood Holt



  1. the song you are talking about is called “throw a kit”
    not throw a kid…
    and its about putting turbo kits on mopeds

  2. You Tube private video fail.

  3. Fixed and Fixed. One more video is up

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  5. Man I was at this show, in the back (the hater section), and wow the first two acts were painful. The DJ looked like it was his first show, and HH’s hype man clearly did not know the music. It was pretty embarrassing. I liked the Matt and Kim show, but the crowd ruined the show for me, they were just annoying to look at.

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