Posted by: Nick | February 25, 2009

Vinyl of the Week: Louisville is for Lovers Vol. 9

Louisville is for Lovers Vol. 9 released this month and is available on VINYL!  I picked up a copy at the Monkey Wrench last week and have been spinning this 2LP set pretty much every night.  For one, it is basically a best of Louisville sampler.  We have been covering the local music scene for nearly two years now, but still have not been able to see or hear a lot of the artists on the album.  After listening to this album, I will be first in line at the next show The Deloreans put on, as well as The Cut Family Foundation, The Come Hithers, She Wears Lipstick and Eremy Jirvin.  The regulars didn’t disappoint either.  Lucky Pineapple, Teneia Sanders, The Fervor, Pure Dirt, The Gallery Singers,  Whistle Peak, The Mack and, of course, Bonnie Billy completely hit the mark on their tracks.  This album is so positive for the local music scene, it is impossible for me to say enough good things about what the LIFL people do each year.   Both the artists featured and the fans buying the discs /LPs are treated to a glimpse of the immense talent this city has to offer.  It seems that each year this compilation release gets better and better.  For entertainment purposes, I am going with Side A of the 2nd LP as my favorite of the album; specifically, Eremy Jirvin’s “On My Own” supported by Bonnie Billy’s “The Girl In Me.”  The Ferver, Whistle Peak and Paul McGee are also on Side A.  It is what I would say is the ‘folkier’ section of album and that just jives well with the whole “lovers” theme.  With only three songs, Side B of the same record is pretty awesome too.  She Wears Lipstick’s “Sext Messages” is electro-love at its best.  The Gallery Singers’ “All That’s Left” hints of Lambchop, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen (pretty good company).  The album ends with The Mack, one of my favorite local artists; mellow, beautiful and a perfect cool down after 19 tracks of ear candy.

This LP is the first vinyl release from locals, Karate Body Records.  With vinyl sales up 90% from last year, expect some more release from these guys in the near future.  I give the packaging of the LP a ‘B’.  Without the plastic vinyl sleeve, the records would simply fall to the floor.  That said, the fold allows for liner notes which is a definite positive and it is hand made.  Also, I’m sure it cut the price I paid for the album down a bit.  Record presentation is a solid ‘A’.  I’m a sucker for custom pressings and this one is no exception.  As you can see above, both records are appropriately pink and white marble with black and white art in the centerand.  Both have a solid weight .  If you are from Louisville and collect vinyl, this is a must own.  You can grab a copy at Underground Sounds (I saw one left yesterday) and Ear X-tacy.  You can also get it from the Karate Body MySpace page for $16 bucks.  It is my understanding that they pressed 500 copies.

37 Flood has a recording of the LIFL WFPK Live Lunch for you listening pleasure.

Track Listing:

  1. the come hithers-your’e just one
  2. black kerouac-cold gold
  3. deer meet-take me high
  4. the ladybirds-the map of love
  5. the cut family foundation-free, who?
  6. the sandpaper dolls-pretending to be wise
  7. lucky pineapple-altamira
  8. the deloreans-la la love
  9. pure dirt-is it true?
  10. teneia sanders-joan’s song
  11. ben & whit-the only time
  12. eremy*jirvin-on my own
  13. paul mcgee-i never realized
  14. bonnie ‘prince’ billy w/cheyenne mize- the girl in me
  15. the fervor w/dave cronin-same state
  16. whistle peak-elbows and ankles
  17. she wears lipstick-sext messages
  18. the gallery singers-all that’s left
  19. the mack-prisoner’s lake



  1. Does anyone know who the hidden 20th track is?

  2. Boundless and Starstruck… Kevin Ratterman’s project

  3. I for one am getting a little tired of L4L. And the cover albums. The first few L4L were great. I think it should have stopped there.

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