Posted by: Cory | February 20, 2009

WFPK announces Internet-Driven Programs “The Weekly Feed” & “The Daily Feed”

WFPK announced a new Internet-driven program The Weekly Feed on Monday Nights at 8pm beginning March 2nd with Kyle Meredith.  This is a big step forward for WFPK as they attempt to break away from DJ biases to embrace the Internet community.  When I say biases, I don’t mean that in a negative way exactly, because it’s hard not to play what you know your listeners like, or what you personally like.  The first step doing this was with their program Off the Record, but this, if done right, could really open the program up to new music.  A companion feature will run daily (Monday-Friday) beginning on February 23rd.   Airing at 8:05am, The Daily Feed will air the internet buzz song from the day before.

The goal of the program is to compile songs “making waves across music blogs and the internet.” as well as to feature various local and national blogs as well as interviews from the artists.  



  1. This is excellent news. To see a station go one step further, check out Vocolo in Chicago. It’s listener-SUBMITTED programming. Really interesting stuff.

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