Posted by: Cory | February 16, 2009

Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore @ Bomhard Theatre – 5/8

Local favorite and friend Ben Sollee is playing an upcoming WFPK/Production Simple show with another local-enough Sub Pop sensation Daniel Martin Moore at Bomhard Theater in KCA on Friday, May 8th @ 8pm.  Unlike most Bomhard shows, it’s important to arrive early, because this one is General Admission.  Tickets go on sale for $20 on Friday.  The show and money is for a good cause as $1 for each ticket sold will be donated to Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. Mountaintop removal and valley fills destroy mountains, forests and streams that belong to all Kentuckians.

Ben Sollee – Only a Song (ft. Jim James) (lyrics)
Ben Sollee – Mute Bullhorn
Daniel Martin Moore – It’s You
Daniel Martin Moore – By Dream

We talk about Ben frequently, but we got a nicely written bio this time, so we thought we’d pass it along:

Ben Sollee Bio:

It was the cat-poles around the lake at his grandfather’s farm that inspired Ben Sollee’s debut album Learning To Bend. The frailty of those awkward looking plants standing stoutly against winds that challenged even the strongest of nearby trees is an affecting metaphor for human struggle and perseverance. This idea is central to Learning To Bend. Key tracks on Learning To Bend include two reactions to the current political landscape, “A Few Honest Words,” and an adaptation of Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come,” in which Ben has written updated, politically relevant verses. Other highlights of the album are the playful, soul track, “How To See the Sun Rise” and the vulnerable yet insistent “It’s Not Impossible,” where Ben laments the unfortunate status quo that “boys don’t cry.”

Ben has found considerable success in recent years through his ability to bend. In 2007, he was named one of NPR’s “Top Ten Unknown Artists of the Year.” His distinctive cello technique and soulful voice have been
marinating for years in his work with avant-garde bluesman Otis Taylor, The Sparrow Quartet, (featuring banjo-master Béla Fleck), and on the internationally known Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour. Being born and raised
in Kentucky, Ben is very proud to have recorded Learning To Bend with Duane Lundy in Lexington, KY and releasing the album with SonaBLAST! Records, a Louisville based label. In fact, almost all aspects of the record are rooted in Kentucky in some form – from the photography, to the design of the disc, to the videos.

Ben’s unique performance experience and creative vision trump his 24 years and traditional classical training; he is poised to emerge as a solo artist, bridging genres and demographics with earnest and dynamic songwriting.
However, the single most salient quality of Learning to Bend, is Ben’s contagiously optimistic worldview. Ben is not just expressing his personal quest for flexibility, he is asking the entire country to learn to bend, learn how to cry, learn how to see the sun rise… He is at the forefront of a movement that is happening right now: a zeitgeist in which a nation can face reality and empower itself to evolve and feel deeply and stand up for the power of hope.



  1. Ben got a standing ovation up here in Indianapolis with a double encore….peeples wuz louvrin it. Great upcoming session on The Laundromatinee.

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