Posted by: Cory | February 11, 2009

Bouncing Souls, Dillinger Four, Delay @ Skull Alley – 3/10

Bouncing Souls, one of my old favorite pop-punk bands from my youth are coming to town. Bouncing Souls are playing Skull Alley, the quintessential punk venue, on Tuesday, March 10th, along with the incredible Dillinger Four, and Delay. I recall having first learned of Bouncing Souls when they appeared on Punk Uprisings Vol. 1 with their track “Here We Go”, which I remember I used in a video I had to create for one of my classes. It’s funny that I don’t recall anything about the video other than the music I used. It largely consisted of Less Than Jake, Punk Uprisings bands, and at the insistence of my partner on the project, Queen’s bicycle. The show is going to be great, but comes at a price at $16/$18 (DOS)…

Bouncing Souls – True Believers –



  1. Haha, I might should check this out.

    I first hit on Bouncing Souls in 2001 or ’02 or so; they did the theme to a PBS documentary called “American High”, following a bunch of highschoolers. ‘S right around my freshman or sophomore year of high school, so I was full of that angsty goodness.

  2. They wrote that song? I was in college at the time, and my parents didn’t have the most tv channels, so I’d always watch American High…Kaytee was my favorite…I really liked her song “Girls with Guitars”

  3. for those of you who are interested, presale tickets are on sale now at, get ’em before they’re gone!

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