Posted by: Cory | February 8, 2009

Jesse Jamz releases new Figure remix

Local DJ & resident to one of Louisville’s best parties, Jesse Jamz, has just released a new mix for Figure’s Steak & Vodka.  Jesse is still young, but got started early, DJing since thte age of 16 and already having played some seriously major parties around the country including MisShapes (NYC) Blow Up (SF), Blow Up LA, Frisco Disco (SF), Dark Wave Disco (Chi), Live Forever (Philly), Electronic Music Festival 08 (LA).  In addition to these parties, Jesse has brought in some amazing talent to Louisville including Le Castle Vania, the MisShapes, Designer Drugs, Franki Chan, Autobot (curt from Flosstradamus), Hollywood Holt, Eli Smith, John Bourke, etc.  This track is just the first of many including 4 originals and remixes for Designer Drugs, Trash Yourself, and Eli Smith.

Figure– Steaks & Vodka (Jesse Jamz Rmx) 

Jesse Jamz – Purple Drank


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