Posted by: Nick | February 7, 2009

G. Love and Special Sauce @ Headliner’s – 4/15

Philly based G-Love and Special Sauce is one of my favorite acts around.  I have not seen them in years, so it is a nice surpirse to see them come to Louisville.  If you don’t aready know, G-Love plays a perfectly mixed blend of Blues, Rock, and R&B.  You most likely have heard “Baby’s Got Sauce, “Cold Beverage” and/or “Rodeo Clowns (w/ Jack Johnson).”  If you haven’t, it is because the band’s popularity wanned a bit after Philadelphonic.  Regardless, their sound still resonates and their newest album, Superhero Brother, is a good listen.   Frontman, Garrett Dutton, has a great stage presence; one you would expect from a great blues artists, full of stories and interactive conversation.  That may change a bit at Headliner’s, but I don’t have any doubt that this will be a great show.  No word yet on ticket prices, but it shouldn’t be that bad.  Other shows have been selling between $20-25 bucks.  We will let you know when we find out something more definite.

G. Love – Peace, Love and Happiness (from Superhero Brother, 2008)


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