Posted by: hankwillenbrink | February 2, 2009

DCE in the CJ

One of our fav. venues/coffeeshops, Derby City Espresso and owner Matt Landon was profiled in the Courier-Journal today, as they profiled owner Matt Landon.  If you don’t get the paper, here’s your chance to read up on it  Quoth the CJ:

And one thing you learn if you spend much time at Derby City Espresso is that what matters most is Landan.

The customer is not always right; in fact, the customer frequently is wrong. And Landan has no qualms about telling the customer this. There are no talls, grandes or ventis here, or even smalls, mediums or larges; just singles and doubles, and always served in the appropriate cup — a cappuccino in an inverted cone, a macchiato in a tiny one.

“I try to stay true to the traditional Italian recipes versus what Starbucks has done,” says Landan. “Macchiato: They serve you latte with a shot of caramel; they’ve destroyed the meaning of the word, like saying, ‘Waterboarding is not torture, (it’s) enhanced interrogation.’ “

Read the rest here.



  1. I am always looking for someplace new to go. Next time I make it downtown I will have to check out the dce

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