Posted by: Nick | January 24, 2009

New Metroschifter CD To Be Released (Reserve One Now) + Show at 6th & Oak on 1/31

Metroschifter has a new CD coming out in May, but you can reserve a copy now.  See below for details on a very interesting release.  They also have a show coming up at 6th & Oak on January 31, 2009.  Pretty exciting!

From the Noise Pollution Webpage:

As long time fans of this band we are excited to announce that Metroschifter’s first new record in more than eight years, “Carbonistas,” will be released in May 2009 on Noise Pollution. The lineup will be Pat McClimans on bass, Chris Reinstatler on drums, and Scott Ritcher on guitar. “Carbonistas” will be released in advance of Metroschifter’s sixth tour of Europe in Fall 2009.

Following in the tradition of their first album back in 1994, the band will accept reservations for the new recording several months prior to its release date so that each copy of the record can be personalized with the buyer’s name. “Carbonistas” will be available in compact disc format or as a set of high-quality digital files. The reservation process is detailed below. For a preview of the new record, locals can check out Metroschifter’s upcoming set at 6th & Oak on Jan 31st.

Reservation Process

Beginning Thursday, January 22 at noon Eastern Time, on the group’s website, fans will be able to reserve their own personalized copies of the release which will be home-delivered in May 2009.

Cost for the CD is $8.00 including delivery in the US, $12.00 elsewhere. Downloadable files are $8.00 regardless of location and will be delivered via the internet several weeks earlier than the CD.

Special discounted pricing is available when multiple copies are reserved bearing the same name. Retail stores, music distributors, groups of friends, street gangs, couples, baseball teams, et cetera, are encouraged to order copies personalized with their group name.

The reservation period for the personalized editions will run until April 9 at noon Eastern or until an undisclosed but predetermined limited number of units have been sold, whichever comes first. Because of this, fans are encouraged to reserve their copies as early as possible.


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