Posted by: Nick | January 22, 2009

INTERVIEW: The Protomen after Halfway to Forecastle – 1/17

After The Protomen played Halfway to Forecastle on January 17, 2009, we were able to sit down with the band on their bus and have a few works with the band. As all interviews with The Protomen, nothing is ever expected, but always entertaining and full of the bizarre. If you have not seen this group from Nashville, I highly recommend checking them out ASAP.

See our review of Halfway to Forecastle here.



  1. Hi! I hope I’m not imposing with this in any way. Not trying to spam or anything, just trying to get my blog out there.

    I’m a big fan of the Protomen, and I recently made a blog entry that serves as a carefully thought out introduction to and promotion of the band. I’m trying to get the word out and encourage support for these guys! I figured there would be newcomers reading your entry who might want to know more about the band, so I wanna help out.

    If you consider this message rude or something, feel free to moderate it. Just know that my intentions are purely to promote the band and, of course, my tiny little blog.

    Whatever the case, thanks for supporting one of my favorite bands. In the war against Wily, every contribution counts!

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