Posted by: Cory | January 21, 2009

WFPK’s “Off the Record” in Review

After spending some time today in Louisville Public Media‘s studio, I started thinking more about an earlier program I helped to participate in known as WFPK’s Off the Record, which first aired back in August. The concept behind Off the Record is to allow voices from the Louisville music scene to come in and take over the airwaves for a few moments to share with the station’s listeners their music tastes and their reasons for liking the music that they do. The DJs at WFPK tend to play a great mix of music, but every person is going to gravitate to music that they personally prefer, just as this blog gravitates towards the music we enjoy. By bringing in outsiders to curate a 10 minute block, it gives the listeners an opportunity to hear bands that may not otherwise cross the DJ’s desk, and, hopefully, will turn the station on to some new music they haven’t caught up with just yet and thereby getting these same artists radio play in future broadcasts so that we can hear more of them in the future…an all-around win-win.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled the list of persons in chronological order who have participated in Off the Record and their choices. We’d love to hear your thoughts on each person’s selections and whether you might think any biases went in to a particular selection. For example, while Thao would have been in my top list regardless, she was assured the spot considering we were promoting a concert for her in Louisville on that very night.  Likewise, Mat could have played 5 Fervor songs, and the motivations would have been pretty clear, but he didn’t.

Additionally, we’d love to know what you’d be most inclined to give a spin if you had your own opportunity to do an Off the Record.

See below for a recap of each Off the Record Picks…

Cory Greenwell (Me)

  1. Why? – These Few Presidents
  2. The Radio Department – It’s Been Eight Years
  3. Computer Vs. Banjo – Giving Up On Ghosts
  4. Thao With the Get Down Stay Down – Beat
  5. The Rascals – Does Your Husband Know That You’re On The Run?

Jeffrey Smith, manager to Ben Sollee & owner of Crash Avenue Publicity:

  1. Fink – Pretty Little Thing
  2. The Kills – Getting Down
  3. Motion Man – Confidence
  4. Lykke Li – Little Bit
  5. Kings Of Leon – Crawl

John Timmons, owner of Ear-X-Tacy

  1. Alejandro Escovedo: Sister Lost Soul
  2. Carrie Rodriguez: She Ain’t Me
  3. John Mellencamp: Jena
  4. Matthew Sweet: Room to Rock
  5. Wild Sweet Orange: Either/Or

Erica Rucker, coordinator of Terrastock 7 Festival

  1. Prefuse 73: The Class of 73 Bells
  2. The Entrance Band: Slience of a Crowded Train
  3. Boris with Michio Kurihara: Starship Narrator
  4. Dengue Fever: One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula
  5. Motorpsycho: The Slow Phaseout

Cat Boyd, a YPAS grad & Louisville musician, studying percussion and composition at the Boston Conservatory.

  1. Alanis Morissette: Perfect
  2. The B-52s: Quiche Lorraine
  3. Metallica: Where the Wild Things Are
  4. Primus: Too Many Puppies
  5. Ani DiFranco: Not a Pretty Girl

Mat Herron, LEO’s Music Editor and member of The Fervor

  1. The Photographic: Secure
  2. Brothers And Sisters: Can’t Hold Me Back
  3. Your Black Star: Skyjacketing
  4. Dead Child: Wasp Riot
  5. Aby Laby Land: Psalm To The Silent God

McKinley Moore, Glassworks artist, promoter & publicist for Lucky Pineapple

  1. MGMT: Electric Feel
  2. Bryan Scary And The Shredding Tears: The Curious Disappearence Of The Sky Ship Thunderman
  3. Lucky Pineapple: Moonlight Spiderbite
  4. Everthus The Deadbeats: Woman
  5. The Black Ghosts: Any Way You Choose To Give It

Aaron Chadwell, aka DJ Narwhal

  1. Can: Vitamin C
  2. Black Diamond Heavies: Bidin My Time
  3. Justice: Dance
  4. Califorina Guitar Trio: And I Know
  5. Ben Purdom: Plastic

Ken Pyle, co-owner of the Rudyard Kipling

  1. Tim Krekel: Wilson Picket
  2. Roy Orbison: Crying
  3. Otis Redding: Try A Little Tenderness
  4. Aretha Franklin: Amazing Grace
  5. Woody Guthrie: This Land Is Your Land

Jason Hill, operator of Hideaway Saloon

  1. Josh Collins: Scarsdale Blonde
  2. Dirty Church Revival: Coming Around Again
  3. Thirteenth Sun: Constant Struggle
  4. Delta Nove: Frog & Toad
  5. Twin Cats: Salt Sandwich

Leigh Ann Yost, Louisville musician

  1. Deee Lite: Groove Is In The Heart
  2. The Sylvers: Boogie Fever
  3. Danny Flanigan: Girl Named Mae
  4. New Radicals: Mother We Just Can’t Get Enough
  5. The English Beat: Save It For Later

Sean Cannon, editor-in-Chief of Buzzgrinder

  1. XYZ Affair: All My Friends
  2. Wax Fang: Cannibal Summer
  3. J. Roddy Walston and the Business: I Used To Did
  4. Pomegranates: Whom Who
  5. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists: Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?

Joel Timothy, a Louisville musician

  1. Eddie Head & His Family: Down On Me
  2. Reverand Gary Davis: I Belong To The Band
  3. Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet: Found A Wonderful Savior
  4. Mother McCollum: Jesus Is My Air-O-Plane
  5. Trumpeteers: Milky White way

Stephanie Wolz, bassist for The Blue Umbrellas

  1. Modest Mouse: Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes
  2. K’s Choice: Believe
  3. Ani Difranco: Little Plastic Castle
  4. Patty Griffin: Long Ride Home
  5. Katie Reider: Slowing Down For The Silence

Scott Kirkpatrick, guitarist & songwriter for Chemic

  1. Husband & Wife: I Got Fat
  2. Anathallo: Italo
  3. Good Luck: Pajammin
  4. Mount Eerie: With My Hands Out
  5. Apples In Stereo: 7 Stars

JK McKnight, founder of Forecastle Festival

  1. Arcade Fire: Intervention
  2. British Sea Power: Waving Flags
  3. MGMT: Time To Pretend
  4. Eddie Vedder:Hard Sun
  5. Band Of Horses: The Funeral

John King, founder of the Louisville Is For Lovers series

  1. Roberta Flack: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
  2. The Breeders: Off You
  3. Nina Simone: I Got It Bad & That Ain’t Good
  4. Kicking Giant: She’s Real
  5. Sly & The Family Stone: If You Want Me To Stay

Bryan Hurst, of The Forgivers

  1. Sex Pistols: God Save The Queen
  2. The Clash: Safe European Home
  3. The Jam: Funeral Pyre
  4. The Ruts: Babylon’s Burning
  5. The Easybeats: Friday On My Mind

Melissa Gaddie, singer/songwriter/bassist for Old Man

  1. The Cure: Disinagration
  2. Jane’s Addiction: Ocean Size
  3. The Pixies: Hey
  4. Liz Phair: Stratford-On-Guy
  5. Jeff Buckley: Lover, You Should Have Come Over

Laura Ellis, assistant director of Louisville Public Media’s State Of Affairs, actress and a member of Shine-Ola and Parade Of Horribles.

  1. Buena Vista Social Club: Dos Gardenias
  2. Stevie Wonder: Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing
  3. Juice Newton: The Sweetest Thing (I’ve Ever Known)
  4. Gladys Knight & The Pips: Midnight Train To Georgia
  5. They Might Be Giants: Turn Around

Moving through the lists above, I’m going to jot down my top 5 of their top 5’s.

  1. Arcade Fire: Intervention (JK McKnight)
  2. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists: Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone? (Sean Canon)
  3. The Photographic: Secure (Mat Herron)
  4. Lykke Li – Little Bit (Jeffrey Smith)
  5. Can: Vitamin C (Aaron Chadwell)


  1. 1. Van Morrison: Sweet Thing
    2. Adele: Melt My Heart to Stone
    3: Nina Simone: I Put a Spell on You
    4. The Postal Service: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
    5. Neko Case: Maybe Sparrow

  2. I wanted to point out that the DJs started spinning Aby Laby Land after Mat’s OTR (Nick James specifically said he heard about them from OTR) and this Friday they’re playing Live Lunch. I don’t know for sure if that’s how it came about but it’s cool nonetheless.

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