Posted by: Nick | January 21, 2009

Brigid Kaelin on A Prairie Home Companion (AWESOME!)

One of our favorite local musicians, Brigid Kaelin, was on one of my favorite radio shows, A Prairie Home Companion, and I’m sick that I missed it.  Tickets were pretty expensive (and it sold out) and it was on the same night as Halfway to Forecastle.  I was able to hear her on the radio on my way downtown and it was FANTASTIC!  So I just had to share a clip from her performance (singing “One More Last Kiss” with Shannon Lawson…) and a link to the whole broadcast.  Also, here is a clip from Brigid’s MySpace blog (The original is pretty long, so go here to read the whole thing):

“…[L]ooking out into those lights, singing my original music, looking over my shoulder to see Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band reading charts of songs I composed, and hearing almost three thousand people laughing at my lyrics (laughing where they are supposed to laugh), was an absolute dream come true. I looked over at Garrison Keillor during “Future Mr. Used-to-Be” and saw him dancing and watching me sing.”


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