Posted by: Nick | January 21, 2009

Backseat Sandbar (Cory) on State of Affairs, 89.3

Cory just finished a guest appearance on this week’s State of Affairs on WFPL, “Blogging Louisville.” The program will air again tonight at 9pm, or you can download the show HERE.  If you were able to tune in, thanks for listening.  Also, if you missed Cory’s August appearance on WFPL’s counterpart WFPK, you can listen to his “Off the Record” set HERE.

“When you’re making your weekend plans, do you check Consuming Louisville to see what’s going on? Do you subscribe to Backseat Sandbar to keep up with your favorite Louisville bands? Is Broken Sidewalk your source of news about Louisville’s neighborhoods? For a town our size, Louisville is well-represented in the blogosphere, and this Wednesday we’ll meet some of the folks who keep it that way. We’ll learn what it’s like to cover River City happenings online, and a bit about the business and challenges of blogging in general. Join us with your questions about blogging in Louisville.”

State of Affairs’ Blogging About Louisville

WFPK’s “Off the Record”

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