Posted by: hankwillenbrink | January 18, 2009

My Morning Jacket – Live from Las Vegas at the Palms

2008 was a huge, if confusing, year for My Morning Jacket.  They released the critically-acclaimed head-scratcher or critically-maligned daring experiment Evil Urges (depending on who you talk to).  Along with rocking nearly every state, Waterfront Park in the summer and Madison Square Garden on New Years.  But, James and the boys don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.  This week, iTunes released an exclusive EP entitled Live from Las Vegas at the Palms.  Don’t worry, tho, there’s no leisure suit jams or guest appearances from Wayne Newton.  Honestly, it’s difficult to tell that this is a live show.  The music is recorded cleanly and there are no whoops and hollers from the crowd.  Not only that, the songs don’t feel bizarrely uptempo or rushed.  MMJ seems to be pretty comfortable where they are.  Which, given the schizo nature of Evil Urges, is totally refreshing.  Not only that, the songs iTunes is offering up are mostly older tracks like “Tonight I Want to Celebrate with You” and “From Nashville to Kentucky.”  For a band that’s been all over the place recently, it’s really refreshing to sit down with this EP and give a listen to the comfortable, relaxed way that the band sounds now.  In MMJ’s case, this is one thing that happened in Vegas that shouldn’t just stay there.

From Nashville to Kentucky

Thank You Too



  1. It’s live in the studio, that’s why there isn’t any crowd noise.

  2. Just heard of this band.Just love their music.So I googled for a blog on them,and here Iam. I also liked Gideon.So apt for our times.

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