Posted by: Nick | January 14, 2009

Vinyl Purchase of the Week: Late of the Pier- Fantasy Black Channel

Late of the Pier is a young, England-based band that I have had on my playlist for a while now and would have been on my top albums of 2008, but I excluded it because the US release was not until January 13, 2009.  The album released in the UK in August 2008 and inevitably made its way to the US on internet waves.  They also have some amazing music videos that have been circulating on youtube (see them here).  I was introduced to the band with the single, “Focker,” which absolutely blew me away.  I was sent the link to the music video and saw a bunch of kids taking eletro-rock to a new level without a single ounce of seriousness.  The album is ambitious in nature, but is not as technical as an Of Montreal or The Fiery Furnaces.  This may be their downfall from a critical level as their youth and roughness may be cited as a weakness (The crystal ball predicts a Pitchfork rating between 5-7.)  I find this to be one of their strengths, however, as it makes the album that much more fun to listen to; like a great house party compared with a heavily produced dance rock show.

Fantasy Black Channel is an album long in the making with singles on it dropping back in 2007, making it a mini “greatest hits” for the band’s first full album.  Each track packs a serious punch, and just when you think they are letting up, it comes back harder, louder and faster.  My personal favorites are “Space and the Woods,” “The Bears are Coming,” “Heartbeat,” “Focker,” and “Bathroom Gurgle,” but there are no throw-away tracks on this album.  I highly recommend this album for anyone who is into dance rock with a heavy electronic influence.  It is an instant pick-me up and will cause everyone to break a sweat at your next party.

LOTP came to the US for a short stint in 2008, but the closest they got to Louisville was Philly.  They are slated for a UK tour through February, so I can only hope that the album takes off in the US and they head over here for a few dates.  From the looks of it, their live shows take the album to a whole other level that we can all look forward to seeing!

Late of the Pier- The Bears are Coming

Late of the Pier- Focker

Late of the Pier- Heartbeat

Track List:

1. Hot Tent Blues
2. Broken
3. Space And The Woods
4. The Bears Are Coming
5. Random Firl
6. Heartbeat
7. Whitesnake
8. VW
9. Focker
10. The Enemy Are The Future
11. Mad Dogs And Englishmen
12. Bathroom Gurgle


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