Posted by: hankwillenbrink | January 13, 2009

Our First Listen to Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s “Beware”

I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS let us know today that L’ville’s own Will Oldham has premiered one of the first tracks from his forthcoming “Beware” LP (yeah, thankfully, dude can’t stop writing albums) as well as a complete interview on WNYC’s Soundcheck.  The tune is called “You Can’t Hurt Me Now.”

A couple quick thoughts on the song:

1.  First reference to his belly since Superwolf with Matt Sweeney.

2.  Don’t expect the same sound on the album, as the intro suggests, there’s a big country/folky sound to the record.  Perhaps more …Sings Palace Music than Master and Everyone.

3.  I’m really getting into the subtle affectation that’s taking over Oldham’s lyrical delivery.  Sometimes he sounds almost brutally detached, but the way he delivers things on this live version is almost warmly callous.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy – You Can’t Hurt Me Now (Live on WNYC Soundcheck)



  1. Hmmm, I see… it’s almost amicably insensitive and almost conginally disaffectionate.

    (your Soundcheck link is broken)

  2. This record seriously is great. I think it’s his best since “The Letting Go,” and maybe even better. Then again, that might just be because I love country music.

  3. heard you’re blog got mentioned in the New Yorker. Props!

    -Robert Turpin

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