Posted by: Nick | January 10, 2009

Design a T-Shirt for Starfucker, Win Stuff

Starfucker played here a while back and has been the topic of some discussion as of late (ie. overrated/underrated).  They are still out touring and have sent out an all-call for some help designing a t-shirt for their valentine’s day show in Oregon.  If you feel inclined and want to win some “cool shit,” check out the details below…

From Starfucker:


we want you to design a shirt for us…!!!

send us a shirt design and we will choose our favorite…

we will make a one time run of the winning design…

which will be sold at our valentines day show only…!!!

please send us your designs here on myspace along with your proper email address… by feb. 1st.

or directly to email at

it would be best if the shirt design was one color.

(the winning design will receive two free tickets to our valentines day show at the wonder ballroom in portland oregon, and free t-shirts…!!! )
if the winner lives outside of portland or cannot attend the show, they will receive other cool shit and free t-shirts…

please, send us some stuff…




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