Posted by: Cory | December 23, 2008

Son Volt @ Headliners -2/13

Son Volt are coming back to Headliners on February 13th just shy of a year since their last performance on a seemingly endless tour for 2007’s The Search.  Jay Farrar has amassed a sizable and distinctive body of work since coming on the radar with Uncle Tupelo in 1989. The Search, the fifth album by the St. Louis-based artist under the Son Volt nameplate, takes Farrar’s signature juxtapositions of the arcane and the modern to provocative extremes, contrasting the blue highways of a disappearing cultural landscape with a perilous world in which the center no longer holds – a world of information overload, of clueless leaders carrying out sinister agendas, of “Hurricanes in December – earthquakes in the heartland/Bad air index on a flashing warning sign,” as the artist sings ruefully on “The Picture.”

The show is 18+ and $18 (and starts at 9pm) which you can get at Ear X-tacy or TicketWeb starting Friday, December 26th at 10pm.


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