Posted by: Cory | December 19, 2008

Joan Baez @ Brown Theatre – 3/10

Only a few months after Dylan, folk legend Joan Baez will be gracing the stage at Louisville’s W.L. Lyons Brown Theatre on March 10th. Perhaps best known for her close friendship to Bob Dylan, Joan Baez was an integral part of the political folk landscape of the 60s and now in 2008, Ms. Baez has been sharing her soul with us for 50 years. Ever a musical force of nature whose influence is incalculable—marching on the front line of the civil rights movement with Martin Luther King, inspiring Vaclav Havel in his fight for a Czech Republic, singing on the first Amnesty International tour and just this year, standing alongside Nelson Mandela when the world celebrated his 90th birthday in London’s Hyde Park. This tour is in part promotion of “Day After Tomorrow”, her first release in five years, and part public service announcement to raise awareness for many public and social issues. As each of her previous albums have done, “Day After Tomorrow” acts as a barometer of the times, bundled with political speech.

The show starts at 7:30pm & ticket prices run $50 / $35 / $28. Tickets are available through Kentucky Center and are on sale immediately.

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