Posted by: Cory | December 16, 2008

BeJeezus Holiday Party @ Green Building – 12/19

BeJeezus is celebrating Christmas with a holiday party at The Green Building from 7-11ish on Friday, Dec. 19th and will be holding a silent auction from 7-9:30 for art by Bejeezus contributing artists as well as from donations from local businesses.

Up for auction will be items provided by Kathleen Lolley, Letitia Quesenberry, Bill Green, Skeleton Royal, Sarah Lyon, Thea Lura, James R. Southard, Julie Leidner, Ben Sears, mperfect design, Natasha Sud, Mike Andrick, Jake Heustis, Nathaniel Russell, John Clark, Logan Reulet, Patrick Jilbert and others, as well as items donated by 21c Hotel, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, WHY Louisville, Wild and Woolly, Actors Theater, Glassworks, Jackson’s Organic Coffee, The Makery, Knit Nook, , Dot Fox, Lebowski Fest, Cherry Bomb, Carmichael’s Bookstore, Lebowski Fest, Rainbow Blossom, Basa, 732 Social, Days Coffee, The Nach Bar, KiKu Handmade, and more.

Afterwards, The Slow Break and Yardsale will be performing a set.


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