Posted by: Cory | December 15, 2008

Ben Kweller & Watson Twins @ Headliners – 3/3

Austin-based Ben Kweller and our girls The Watson Twins are coming to Headliners on March 3rd in suppotr of Kweller’s upcoming album  “Changing Horses” on ATO Records (which apparently leaked back at the end of November).   The label says the album “represents a sea change” for Kweller.  Unlike 2006’s self-titled album, Kweller brought his touring band on for the recording process of “Changing Horse” and the result was more of a full, alt-country product.  As for the Watson Twins, they’ve been kind enough to come back home a few times recently, as well as sharing a few words with us back in July and sticking around for the Starfucker show back in October.

$15 gets you in the door to this all-ages show and will go on sale Friday, 12/19 at Ear X-tacy and

The Watson Twins – Sky Open Up



  1. Do you just stumble upon the info regarding these concerts? Or do you have a website that show this? I can’t seem to find anything.

  2. It depends, Phillip. In this case we received a press release.

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