Posted by: Cory | December 4, 2008

Chico Fellini & Genius File @ Pour Haus – 12/5

Lexington’s Chico Fellini and our friends The Genius File are playing a show at Pour Haus tomorrow, December 5th.  Chico Fellini plays a flamboyant dance rock…here’s their spill from their MySpace page:

A 60-minute, dance-driving aside from vocalist Christopher Dennison– so beguiling the bouncing ball is practically present for first time viewers. Put Daniel Lanois, Jimmy Page, & Earl Slick in a Petri dish and see what cosmic offspring you get with producer/guitarist Duane Lundy’s angular riffs. From there leave a hedonistic, disco-punk afterglow of androgynous low end to the unabashedly lovely Emily Hagihara and Brandon Judd to complete the lust buffet.

Born of a former partnership, frontman Christopher Dennison and guitarist/producer Duane Lundy concocted a fresh band concept – shaken not stirred, equal parts theatrics and rock. Chico played regionally for two-months before drafting one of Lundy’s up-and-comers, bassist Emily Hagihara. In their long-established roles as producer and artist, Lundy and Hagihara have received accolades for their collaboration on her first full-length album “Time to Wake” and re-teamed for the riveting EP “Marbles.”

Having spent considerable time sculpting sounds for the likes of The Apparitions, Scourge of the Sea, Parlour Boys, Vandaveer, & The Bosch, Lundy has set forth to perform again while continuing to maintain production duties. In their upcoming release, Chico Fellini offers an exciting and unique sound: bejeweled theatrical rock interwoven with quirky indie-pop. The music seems to cast a prism of early David Bowie, PJ Harvey and Freddie Mercury. Developing their eagerly anticipated release in Shangri-la Productions studio under seasoned guidance, Chico Fellini will be geared up to take on a national review in the Winter of 2008.

Chico Fellini – No Strata (MPMF 2008)


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