Posted by: Nick | November 19, 2008

Reverend Horton Heat @ Jim Porter’s – 11/20

Reverend Horton Heat is coming to Jim Porter’s Good Time Emporium in Louisville, KY this Thursday at 8:00pm.  Tix are a little pricey at $23 in advance or $26 date of show (you can pick’em up at ear X-tacy).  That said, I have never been to Jim Porter’s Good Time Emporium, and need to check it out.  For some reason though, I picture it as a place where people go after they retire from Phoenix Hill Tavern.  Please comment if you have any advice on this establishment.

Let me digress.  Here is a bit about Reverend Horton Heat…

Undeniably, The Reverend Horton Heat, aka Jim Heath, is the biggest, baddest, grittiest, greasiest, greatest rocker that ever piled his hair up and pounded the drinks down. Without question, for all of his outlandish antics, blistering stage performances and legendary musical prowess, the one thing The Rev always gets asked about is the story behind his unusual and rather clerical moniker. “Well, there used to be this guy who ran this place in Deep Ellum, Texas who used to call me Horton- my last name is Heath,” says The Rev. “Anyway, this guy hired me and right before the show he goes, ‘Your stage name should be Reverend Horton Heat! Your music is like gospel’… and I thought it was pretty ridiculous. So I’m up there playing and after the first few songs, people are saying, ‘Yeah, Reverend!’ What’s really funny is that this guy gave up the bar business, and actually became a preacher! Now he comes to our shows and says, ‘Jim, you really should drop this whole Reverend thing.'”

It’s been an almost 20-year journey for Heath, whose country-flavored punkabilly and onstage antics have brought him and his band a strikingly diverse fan base and a devoted cult following, not to mention the respect of fellow musicians worldwide.

“I think it’s cool we’ve lasted this long,” says The Rev. “People still come out to see us play after all these years and all the shows and tours. It’s amazing. I mean, I get to sing songs about cars I love, drinking and chasing girls. Beats the hell out of the alternative.”- Band Webpage.

Jim Heath.  Meet Jim Porter.

Just in time for Thanksgiving…

Reverend Horton HeatTurkey Gotta Gobble



  1. Wear chaps.

  2. i’ve been told it’s the place married middle-aged women go when they don’t want to stay married.

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