Posted by: Nick | November 18, 2008

Final Shows at Jenicca’s :(

(yes, I made a sad face with the colon and parentheses)

Jenicca’s, located at 636 East Market Street, is sadly closing its doors at the end of this month.  They don’t, however, plan to go out quietly.  Below is a list of artists that will be featured at Jenicca’s during its final days…


Nov. 20: Nathaniel Seer and OK Zombie; 8 p.m.
Nov. 21: Teneia Sanders “Birthday Performance”; 9 p.m.
Nov. 22: Kristen Cothron, Amanda Lucas; 8 p.m.
Nov. 28: DJ Craig; 9 p.m.
Nov. 29: “Saturday Sitdown” Jenicca’s Final Night w/Levi Weaver. $15 cover includes two glasses of Martin Codax Wine or two pints of Schlafly brew w/a chocolate & cheese plate and a cup of Jackson’s Organic Coffee; 8 p.m.


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