Posted by: Cory | November 17, 2008

“Nanook of the North” with live improvised score by Sapat @21c – 11/18

21c & the Louisville Film Society have partnered in possibly their most adventurous of the Monthly Film Series endeavors yet with tomorrow’s performance of the 1922 film Nanook of the North with a live, improvised score from the original Louisville revolving door band Sapat. The performance is happening off the atrium and is free to the public. The performance should start at 8pm sharp with a run time of 79 minutes, so be sure to cast aside your skip-the-previews lateness and arrive on time because that isn’t how this show is run. Also, because of how taxing the performance is going to be, there is only one showing rather than two as usual.

About Nanook of the North

When Robert Flaherty proposed filming an Inuit hunter and his family for a year, following them from igloo to igloo and from kill to kill in the harsh Arctic waste, no American movie company was willing to finance the project. In the end, the French furrier Revillon Frères backed the project, and the American branch of the French film company Pathé agreed to distribute it. The result was a film that may fairly be described as the foundation of the documentary genre. Nanook of the North went far beyond the actualities and travelogues of early cinema to present something new, a fictionalized version of a real person’s life. Taking his cues from successful Hollywood films, Flaherty blended realistic and beautifully composed images with a loose narrative and a strong central character. While not, strictly speaking, an objective record of actual events, the work that emerged was nevertheless true to the spirit of the life it was trying to convey. Ever since Nanook of the North premiered, documentary filmmakers have been grappling with issues of objectivity versus subjectivity and reality versus invention that the film (unintentionally) raised. —In Still Moving: The Film and Media Collections of the Museum of Modern Art by Steve Higgins


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