Posted by: Nick | November 16, 2008

REVIEW: Mates of State @ Headliners – 11/15

So I braved the weather and biked down to Headliner’s to check out Mates of State Saturday night.  There was a decent crowd, but it was by no means packed.  I heard their Lexington show the night before was a little thin as well.  Despite this, I thought the show was okay.  Other than the smoke and lights, I never thought the show took off.  There were a lot of serious fans in the crowd that would sing along with every song and I’m sure they were not disappointed.  The highlight of the show for me was when they broke out the upbeat song “Fluke” from their 2003 album, Team Boo.  It just happened to be the song I took video of (see below).  It was their dance/”techno” song, so perhaps I was just in a dancing mood.  That said, if you get a chance to check them out, by all means go, but come in a mellow mood and simply enjoy Kori’s smooth vocals and all the twee pop you can handle.

Mates of State- Fluke (from Team Boo)



  1. Oh CRAP! I think I saw you! Were you in a brown jacket of some sort! I saw a photographer near the stage, but I didn’t guess it was you.

    I was wearing a striped blue-black shirt, and … was probably the black dance acting crazy near the front. I went crazy when they played “Everyone is An Editor” and “Fluke.”

  2. I was stage right w/ a blue jacket and green bag. Thanks again for your help with the flyer art!!

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