Posted by: Nick | November 12, 2008

3rd Annual Good Folk Fest @ Mellwood Arts Center – 11/22-23

The Good Folk Fest is bringing the incredible Daniel Johnson to the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center on Saturday, November 22 & Sunday November 23, 2008 from 10am – 6pm.  Good Folk Fest is centrally located in the heart of the US, Louisville-Kentucky.  Featuring over 80 local, regional, and internationally known outsider, visionary and folk artists and topped off with performances from a hand full of primitive musicians makes Good Folk Fest the only one of it’s kind in the region.

The Festival is located indoors in two rooms totaling over 14,500 square feet within the Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center which is a refurbished meat packing plant turned creative environment.

Line Up…

Daniel Johnston
The Smacks!
The Parade Schedule
J. Marinelli
Ponty’s Camper
Monkey Boy
The Town Criers
The Mack
Scotty Karate
Miss Tess and the Bon Ton Parade
Mad Tea Party
Buddy Nutt
Whistle Peak
Adam Faucett
Centralia Massacre
Cutthroat Shamrock
J Glenn

Admission is $5, and free for kids under 10 yrs old.


Artists who will appear at this month’s Good Folk Fest at The Mellwood Arts Center have a compilation disc out. This compilation CD and the disc from last year will both be available for $15 at the festival. The 2008 disc is on sale at ear X-tacy.  Here is the track list…

1. “Hell’s Shovel” – Cutthroat Shamrock
2. “The Hunch” – The Smacks!
3. “Bee Blight” – Whistle Peak
4. “Open Mic night King” – Buddy Nutt
5. “Haunted ways” – J. Glenn
6. “Old Guitar” – Parade Schedule
7. “Monsters” – Ben Traughber
8. “Patchwork romance” – Scotty Karate
9. “Capitalist” – Centralia Massacre
10. “Empty bowl and spoon” – The Mack
11. “Scarborough Fair” – Nora, Ben & Eli
12. “Big John Henry” – Travlin’ Snakes
13. “Casper the Friendly Ghost” – Daniel Johnston
14. “Super Human Strength Baby” – Monkey Boy
15. “I never was a cool one” – Mad Tea Party
16. “Comrade K” – J. Marinelli
17. “Street corner” – Miss Tess and the Bon Ton Parade



  1. It’s buried on their website, but Daniel Johnson plays at 2PM on Saturday.

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