Posted by: Cory | November 11, 2008

Jennifer Futrell Memorial Concert

There is going to be a memorial concert for Jennifer Futrell, who died after being hit from behind on Baxter Avenue on September 30th by an inattentive driver. Jennifer was a major activist for the rights of cyclists and the environmental movement in general. If you’re interested, you can help the cause that Jen worked for by visiting Safe Street Louisville. Also, if you haven’t done so, you ought to sign this Guestbook and reflect on your times with Jen or just let the family know that you care. Lastly you can visit Shoot the Messenger for plenty of information about Jen including photos provided by all the people who loved her so much.  The ghost bike above is still locked up at the place where she was hit.

The Jen Futre​ll Memor​ial Show is going to be Saturday, November 15th at Skull Alley at 8pm with performances by Wurm Kraut, Plain​words, Antil​les, Juven​escen​t Beat!, The Lady Birds and others yet to be announced. $5 at the door goes to buyin​g helme​ts to be given​ away to help promote cyclist safety.


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