Posted by: Cory | November 8, 2008

Review: Girl Talk @ Headliners – 11/7

Girl Talk murdered Louisville last night. The mash-up mastermind had a sold-out Headliners attendance to work with & he put on the party of the year. Encircled by sweaty dancing beautiful people on both the dance floor AND the stage, Greg leaned over his plastic-covered laptop and put together some of the most intriguing and inspiring mixes such as Nine Inch Nails, Kelly Clarkson, Rich Boy, Blackstreet, Weezer, AC/DC, Souja Boy, Elton John, Journey, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rick Springfield, Daft Punk, Tag Team, DJ Kool, and seemingly every other hip hop and heavy rock combination you can think of.

If you’ve ever been to a Girl Talk show, you know words can’t decsribe it…it has to be experienced…but for those who didn’t there are TONS of PHOTOS…


Girl Talk

The Death Set

You can check out SEVERAL more photos in my album HERE, and download them at full quality…


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