Posted by: Cory | October 31, 2008

Halloween Weekend 2008 in Lousiville

We’ve included a list of things to do for Halloween Night for those of you still without plans or for whose plans could be changed. The list below provides mostly musical happenings, among a few other things. If you can’t find anything below, then check out this list which includes several haunted houses


This is our party & we’re putting it on because we wanted to put on the best Halloween show we could.  Each of these bands would make for an incredible show, but combining them is going to create for an incredible night.  Perhaps Mat Herron from the Leo Weekly said it best…

There is accounting for taste, as far as Backseat Sandbar is concerned: Halloween night finds Chicago’s Owen Ashworth, better know as Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, joining No Kids and Pomegranates at The Pour Haus for one of 2008’s better indie lineups.

En route to Boston for the first leg of his tour, Ashworth says he’s opened up the setlist to requests from anyone. Some of them he’s willing and able to do, while others are puzzling. “It’s interesting to see which song people want to hear; some things aren’t so surprising,” he says.

Ashworth stays busy, remixing songs for the likes of Dudley Benson and Headlights, while working on his new full-length, due out in March on Tomlab. Much of the set Halloween night will include songs from his last record, Etiquette.

Will he dress up? “Hell no. I’m 31, man.” —Mat Herron (Leo Weekly)

No Kids go on at 10pm, Casioton for the Painfully Alone goes on at 11pm & Pomegranates will be going on around 12am…

Jennica’s Cafe & Wine Bar “Mad Men” Halloween Party

Live Lunch with OK Zombie @ WFPK

Paradigm’s Pink Floyd Halloween Extravaganza @ Headliners Music Hall – 9pm

Brigid Kaelin, Woodrow on the Radio, Matt Anthony @ GlassWorks – 9pm

18th Annual Halloween Costume Party: Leo Night & The Moonlighters (Ballroom); Semi Circus (Good Time Room); Nasty Habit Blues Ba @ 9:30

Eddie & The Fuck Munkys Halloween Costume Show @ Highlands Tap Room – 10pm

National Hotel, Vampire Squid, Happy Birthday Amy @ Nachbar – 10pm


It’s no secret that we LOVE the concept behind the Vanguard Theatre coming to Mellwood Art Center (hopefully sooner than later). On Saturday, they’re having another showing of Halloween cult classic The Brood supplemented with a collection of Horrow Shorts put together by local filmmakers. BBC beer will be flowing, and if you can make it, I STRONGLY encourage it…

Affordable Art Show @ The 930 Art Center

Ben Sollee, Bootsie Anne @ The 930 Listening Room – 7pm

Merry Pranksters @ Longshot Tavern

Louisville Orchestra & Arlo Guthrie @ Palace Theatre

World’s Largest Zombie Gathering @ CityBlock

Too many zombie events too close together annoys me. There was a time and a place for this sort of thing, and strangely it was well before Halloween.

Tim Krekel Orchestra @ Air Devil’s Inn – 10pm

Halloween Hangover Electronic Music Fest @ Pink Door – 10pm



  1. How the hell is CTFTPA not the closing act…that’s the scariest thing I’ve seen this Halloween…The Pomegranates???? In the words of GOB Bluth…Come on!

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