Posted by: Cory | October 29, 2008

REVIEW: Crystal Castles @ Metro (Chicago) – 10/25

Crystal Castles performed an incredibly intense set at the Metro in Chicago on Saturday. I’ve been waiting to see Crystal Castles since at least September of last year when I first heard the instrumental version of Love & Caring. Since that time, CC has exploded, bringing chip music to the masses as well as the continuing relevance of copyright laws.

At the Metro on Saturday, nobody cared about any of that. From the moment we walked in the door and were greeted by a signed warning us about the intense strobe lights, I knew it was going to be the experience I was hoping for. The Met was packed but comfortable, but the moment the first beat dropped, everyone rushed forward in a dizzying haze and the dance party begun. Somewhere between a moshpit and a dance party, the crowd was in constant flux and the few difficult people were easy to ignore.

On stage, Alice was both scary and sexy. Ethan was barricaded behind his keyboards and computers and a drummer joined them to round out the presentation. The set proceeded as you’d expect with Alice blasting both sound and light at us, stage diving, crowd surfing, and Ethan putting together some incredible beats…until the crowd favorite Health edit Crimewave came on. It sounded as though something came unplugged because about halfway through the set, the beats just fall off and the crowd goes from frenzied dancing to confused in a matter of seconds. Rather than fixing the problem, the threesome launched into Air War and all was forgiven (but not forgotten). In the end, the set clocked right at 30 minutes rather than the 45 minutes scheduled for it, and some of my personal favorites seemed to be the tracks to get cut, namely the Little Ones’ edit “Lovers Who Uncover” and the track that first introduced me to the electronic terrorizers, Love & Caring. While I would have enjoyed a much longer set, I’ve never been quite so sweaty and worked up in my life, and I’m not altogether sure I could have handled much more of the intensity. Unfortunately, it seems I may have not been the only one not to be able to handle it as a stretcher was being brought in as we were leaving and it appears that the show was cut short for the same reason as someone went to the hospital…an unfortunate conclusion to an incredible evneing.


  1. Terrible band!

    Why do so many blogs buy in to supporting a band like this.

    Backseat! Set yourself apart.

    Spare Louisville from the same ol’ stupid shit.

    To hell with the same old hipster crap.

    Cory, your a preppy dude who applies hair spray everyday. Seriously, just because “Dodge says” doesn’t mean you should.

    Be you’re own.

    Save the gas money and spare yourself the drive up to Chicago to cover a band like Crystal Castles and cover a band like Kings, Daughters, and Sons or The Sandpaper Dolls. (for example)

    God bless free speech, and God bless Backseat Sandbar, for most of the time, sparing us the same old hipster garbage.

    Support Local

    Support Local



    (I’m sure you are gonna defend by saying “out of this “#” of blog entry’s this “#” has been local. I don’t care. A shit band like Crystal Castles is the first domino to fall.)

    OBAMA 08′


  2. Dear A Wicked Thirst,
    As a blogger myself I have to strongly disagree with you message. First off, Backseatsandbar has been very very kind to local bands…don’t believe me…look at all those names on the right with links to their myspace pages/official sites.

    Besides plugging all sorts of local artists and events, the site has also worked hard to improve the Louisville music scene by bringing in amazing acts like Thao, Starfucker, and Casiotone.

    Cory likes 8 bit music…so God help him if he wants to go see the Crystal Castles live in Chicago and be nice enough to donate his time, without pay, to post photos and a review for us the readers.

    I also hate that you are making personal attacks at Cory (the hairspray bullshit line) when he and the rest of the staff gets absolutly nothing out of the blogging. They do it for the love of music/Louisville..that is their reward. Personally, if you were one of my readers and posted this bullshit, I would tell you to quit reading and go fuck yourself. But, these bloggers are much nicer than I.

  3. this show was fucking sick! i’m from milwaukee and drove down to see this band. so fun. fuck all you haters.

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