Posted by: Cory | October 15, 2008

REVIEW: Starfucker @ Nachbar – 10/14

Starfucker put on a hectic show last night to an enthusiastic crowd of unexpecting patrons at the Nachbar. After breaking down after a show in Lawrence, Kansas they managed to get to Kentucky albeit a little late. With that, we pushed the show back, stripped the cover charge and moved it to the Nachbar. Due to the change, Paper Airplane couldn’t play, so Tight Leather got the show started off with a dark and loud set driven by masterful drum work by Void Skateshop owner, Reid Small. As Tight Leather was finishing up, the white van carrying Starfucker pulled into Charles street and 15 minutes later they were beginning to move the crowd.  I even saw hometown girls Chandra and Leigh Watson, better known as the Watson Twins enjoying the set.

I frequently complain that the kids don’t dance in Louisville, but Starfucker took on the Nachbar and got them moving. With an array of turntables, dual drums, keyboards, buttons, knobs and an almost dan deaconish mic presence, the guys put on a really fun show and I heard countless “Who are these guys? They’re really good!” and even the owner of the Nachbar was spotted buying one of their albums afterwards. Zipping through favorites like German Love and Pop Song, the set was short, but covered most of their material. Unfortunately, Louisville has a hard time getting great pop bands in town because of negative connotations and still wanting to be this punk scene from the 90s, but it’s clear that even the hipsters secretly love a good pop band, even if you have to press it on them.

After late night Karma Cafe and seeing Starfucker strewn across my living room this morning I can safely say it was a good night.

all video by Keith Robbins

For more video & photos from the show,


Tight Leather


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