Posted by: mrdanielblack | October 9, 2008

Big Fresh, Idaho Alaska & The Seedy Seeds at the Dame 10.4.08

First off let me say how great it is to have the Dame back up and running.  It’s good to have that comfort back.  Those of you who will eventually make it to see a show here will be in for a change.  Let’s just say that the old Dame compared to the new one is like looking at Barry Bonds’ rookie card and the juiced up beamouth he is now.

The night kicked off with the Seedy Seeds from Cincinnati.  Everyone was eating them up.  It’s kinda hard not to when a banjo & an accordion are involved.  They have an interesting fusion of music going on.  Drum beats, synths, banjo, accordion, square dancing, i mean come on, what’s not to love.  They have a new album coming out next week (10/17), with a cd release party happening at the Southgate House.  


Next up for the evening we had Idaho, Alaska.  I would describe them as a shoegazing garage band.  Their album, “Kissin’ With the Devil,” is a big spinner down at RFL and has some good tunes but it seemed to me that on this night, they were a bit messy.  All that really came across was noise no real, hmph, no sound.  Needless to say though that I won’t give up on them.


The big cheese of the night was Big Fresh.  Someone ask me on Saturday what Big Fresh sounded like and I was that they were sort of like Apples In Stereo’s little brother (makes sense since John Ferguson plays in both bands).  They came correct with their quirky, psyche sound even at one point dropping some fresh rhymes.  The real genius behind Big Fresh and their style of music is that they leave you in a happy go-lucky mood.  A good enough move that at the new Dame, I had to end the night with my own rendition of Baby Got Back up in the karaoke room.


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