Posted by: Cory | October 8, 2008

The Muckrakers Take 5 for Kentucky

This week Rob Carpenter of The Muckrakers Takes Five for Kentucky.  The Muckrakers have been going strong for as long as I can remember and they have a new album out this week. The Muckrakers celebrated their ten-year anniversary by losing one band member, nearly losing another in a serious accident, and coping with the collapse of their first record label. Needless to say, the anniversary party wasn’t a lot of fun. Combine all that with an exhausting year and a half of traveling across the country in support of 2006’s “Front of the Parade,” and the band had just about had enough of the rock and roll dream. Named after the economic term for incurred costs that can never be retrieved, their new album, The Concorde Fallacy, is a direct reflection of the lessons they’ve learned and the lives they’ve lived over the past few years — battle scars that prove that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. So how do you figure out who you are when the distractions the world has to offer are taken away? Maybe Carpenter says it best in the song “Seventh Sign”: “When everything is broken, you turn the page on what you’ve learned, and leave the rest behind.”

With the new album they will be turning the page with a very busy this week, playing shows at WFPK’s Live Lunch, 4th Street Live, Phoenix Hill Tavern, ear X-tacy and Derby City Espresso.  You can check out their new album here.

Here are Rob’s responses…


1. What neighborhood did you grow up in?

I’m actually from a little town in West Kentucky called Murray – but I moved to Louisville because everyone else lived here. (That, and it’s the home of the Cincinnati Reds’ AAA farm team.) Brian and Dave grew up in the PRP area and Micah grew up in JTown.

2. When did you start playing together? Did you have a different band name?

The band started out as a duo while I was a student at Western Kentucky University what seems like an eternity ago. We added Brian (bass) for our first record and then Dave (drums) when the group relocated to Louisville. Micah joined on guitar shortly after the release of our second record. It’s an urban myth that Mayor McCheese plays keys with us. Not true. Yes, he’s sat in with us a few times, but his job at McDonalds keeps him really busy.

3. First show you played in Kentucky (plus any details you remember about it)?

Technically the first show we played in Kentucky was for a parents weekend event at WKU. It was totally spur of the moment – but we had so much fun doing it that we decided to play a few more shows. Now here I am…10 years later. Our first show in Louisville was opening up for 100 Acre Wood at the Rudyard Kipling on a snowy December night a couple of years later.

4. First show outside of Kentucky…how did you book it?

Our first out of state show was in Nashville, Tennessee. Being big fans of cliches, we decided to drive down to the Music City and busk. We found a busy street corner in downtown Nashville, pulled out the guitars, and played songs for a few hours. We put a tip jar out and everything. While we didn’t make that much money in tips, a club owner happened to be walking by and ended up booking us for a few

5. Favorite Kentucky band (other than yours)?

The pre-mentioned 100 Acre Wood eventually became Digby and I’ve been one of their biggest fans for the entire ride.

The Muckrakers – The Seventh Sign

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