Posted by: Cory | October 8, 2008

Jim James falls off stage, goes to Hospital

Last night in Iowa, Jim James of My Morning Jacket fell off the stage during Off the Record, seven songs into the 24 planned for the performance.  After the fall, the remainder of the show was canceled and Jim was taken to the University of Iowa hospital where he was treated for his injuries. Jim fell between two of the triangular subs and injured his leg. X-rays indicated that there were no broken bones and that everything is okay. One fan at the show reported that there were no lights at the front of the stage and that it contributed to the fall.

Schubas is reporting that tonight’s solo performance for the Barack Obama fundraiser in Chicago has been canceled. Contributors have been contacted by the Obama campaign, and my instincts tell me that refunds are being offered.  I have spoken with Jim’s management and it appears that Jim is fine and will be performing at the Louisville Obama fundraiser on Oct. 16th.  Keep the donations coming in as there is nothing to worry about. 


The upcoming performance by Jim James for Barack Obama in Louisville, KY has been canceled. 


  1. According to the Obama website the show on the 16th is canceled.

    And if that link doesn’t work, sorry. Sometimes I am not very good at the internet.

  2. I have spoken with Jim’s management and the show has not been canceled. The donation page wrongly says canceled, however donations are being suspended until we have more information.

  3. Exciting! Obama is probably getting my money either way, but the show would be nice.

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