Posted by: Nick | October 8, 2008

Frisbee, Brian Probus & Vicki Meares @ DCE – 10/24


Frisbee (his real name) is a Louisville, Kentucky artist releasing ReDISCOVERY is a wide-sweeping manifesto that combines themes of unity, perseverance and meditations on a better world, and presents them with pop sensibility and gusto. This is a story of finding love, loosing love and in the process rediscovering who you are.

Brian Probus

Brian Probus is an innovative singer/songwriter hailing from the beautiful city of Louisville, KY. He recently returned to his hometown after a five year stint in the legendary and competitive music scene of Chapel Hill, NC.

Throughout his career as a musician, Brian has taken a very DIY approach to his music. He has taught himself to play multiple instruments, fine tuned his already impressive songwriting skills, and taken up recording and producing his own work.

His work with rock group, The Twice Told, garnished international accolades when their single, Push, was selected as one of the Best Tracks of 2006, New and Unsigned Artists, by UK podcaster, Jozek.

Back in Louisville, the gears are turning. He has already shared the stage with such powerful acts as People Noise, The Black Diamond Heavies, and Passenger, and the list is growing.

Vicki Meares


Derby City Espresso, October 24th


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