Posted by: Nick | October 7, 2008

The Mack & Whistle Peak @ Seidenfadens – 10/10

The Mack

“The Mack hails from Louisville KY. Jeff Shelton is the songwriter for the Mack. Performances and recordings have featured contributions from Pete Townsend, Paul Oldham, Teneia Sanders, Tony Downs, Billy Bisig, Pascal Shoemaker, Ben Herning, and Angelique Perez. “Jeff Shelton, the singer-songwriter-guitarist whose idiosyncratic voice gives us a morality debate about lifting jewelry and sympathy for a hired hand… retaining the high brain function of ’60s contemporaries like the post-bubblegum Beatles. Here there is wit, tragedy, love, disdain, inquisition and plain old high-order storytelling.” – Stephen George of LEO

Whistle Peak

“I listened. It aroused my curiosity, but I just couldn’t put my finger on what exactly “it” was. So, I got out my magic 8-ball and shook it up, hoping for direction. First fortune: Sounds like Beck. Shake it up again. Second fortune: A Kentucky version of Devo? Shake that thing one more time: Stop thinking so much. It’s a hodgepodge, really. “Old Adage” has some hints of Pokey LaFarge; “Fold You” has a Neil Young sort of draw. Overall, the music could be collectively described as poignant, bittersweet and earthy, accompanied by a slightly effeminate percussion that makes me want to sit in the grass and make clover necklaces. Opening track “Mecro” is curious enough to entice commitment, and “Storms in the Ocean” ends the album as cleanly as closing a book. Although not a single track has any semblance of zest or pep, the consistency in the bass, coupled with an assortment of random brightness throughout, demonstrated through such instruments as the ukulele, charm the listener into a curious state of unexpected pleasure. Decent stuff.” —Michelle Manker of LEO


Seidenfadens, October 10, 2008.  FREE
1134 E. Breckinridge Street

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